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Photo: A Boy’s First-Time-Out Lunker

Written by: Rob Woodruff, Woodruff Guide Service

I think young Spencer is happy, and his dad looks mighty proud.
Photo by Rob Woodruff

Eight-year-old Spencer’s dad, Erick, has been a customer of mine for 18 years, and I have taken his older brother and sister on their first fly-fishing trips. This was Spencer’s first time. I had them. . .


Classic Pro Tips: How to Tie and Fish Tandem Rigs

Written by: Phil Monahan

The classic “hopper-dropper” is but one option for fishing two flies in tandem.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Although multi-fly rigs have been around for centuries and have always remained popular in Europe, fishing more than one pattern was nearly a forgotten science in this country until. . .


Casting for Recovery Brings Inspiration to Lawyer’s Canyon

Written by: Karen Syron, Flying B Ranch

Casting for Recovery staffers pair attendees with theor “river helpers” on Day One.
Photos courtesy Flying B Ranch

Fly-fishing is therapy for a lot of us. Casting a line, immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature…it’s good for the soul. For women battling breast cancer, the sport is therapy on the . . .